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(Containing Copper Sulphate)
Copper Fertilizer Solution
Completely Soluble in Water

Backır Cu is chelated with GLUCONATE obtained from plant leaves and is a systematic copper. It is absorbed from the leaves of the plant and transported to all organs. It plays a major role in the formation of photosynthesis by promoting enzyme production in the plant.

It is a copper in a systematic structure and can be applied to plants both from the leaves and from the root. (Double-sided transport) It is organic and suitable for use in organic agriculture. It can be used in all product groups sent for export, especially since there is no residual risk.

It can be easily used in orchards (olive, peach, pearl, cherry, etc. planted mixed in the garden) where planting is done in mixed patterns, as it does not cause stains and residues on the plant (does not stain).

Since it is completely absorbed into the plant in a short time like 2 hours, there is no risk of being washed away by the rains.

Its systematic feature is the most important factor that increases its effect. It does not create stress on the plants it is applied to. It has a protective effect for 20-25 days in fruits and 18-20 days in vegetables.

It can be easily applied to all plant groups in any period. It does not harm during the flowering period.

It nourishes the plant (it takes part in the synthesis of chlorophyll, ensures the formation of proteins and vitamins, prevents slow growth in the plant, is effective against fungi and bacteria.) protects and gives resistance. It creates good defense on the plants it is applied to.



Product Type
Application PeriodsVia Foliar da/ 100 lt water/gVia Soil to da/kg
Tomato, pepper, eggplant, bean, pea, potato, onion, garlic, cucumber, melon, watermelon, zucchini etc.
(In all kinds of open and closed vegetable cultivation)
In the early stages of the plant
(up to 2nd flower)

From flower to harvest
(2-3 applications)

100-200 cc

1,5 lt
Fruit Trees
In soft and stone fruits, cherry, peach, apricot, plum, cherry, apple, pear, almond, hazelnut, pomegranate etc.
1 application each at the beginning of flowering, fruit setting, fruit development and coloration.

100-200 cc

2 lt
In table and raisins
For all kinds of seeds and sultanas
When the shoots are 3-5 cm,
Cluster elongation period,
Before flowering, thin and large grove, in fresh water walking period

100-200 cc

2 lt
StrawberryDuring the season100-200 cc1,5 lt
Cotton6-8 yapraklı dönemden hasada kadar100-200 cc1,5 lt
Arboriculture and FloristryDuring the growing period100-200 cc2 lt
Lettuce, parsley, cress, arugula etc. (green consumption crops)During the growing period100-200 cc1,5 lt
Farm Plants
Wheat, barley, oats, paddy etc.
During the multiplication period
2 applications with an interval of 10 days
100-200 cc1,5 lt
OlivesFrom the beginning of flowering, until the period of fruit setting and color, during the summer period
100-200 cc
2 lt
CitrusFlowering period, fruit setting period and up to harvest period
100-200 cc
2 lt
TobaccoDuring the seedling period, from planting to the decimation period, 3 applications.
100-200 cc
1,5 lt
Industrial Plants
Sugar beet, anise, corn, sunflower etc.
Minimum 2 applications in early growing period
100-200 cc
1,5 lt
ChickpeasMinimum 2 applications at the beginning of flowering
100-200 cc
1,5 lt
Usage: 1st application = Fruit must have reached sufficient size and the mark (Color) must have just seen
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