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Boron Ethanol Amine
Completely Soluble in Water

Cripto Bor

Cripto Bor Deficiency Symptoms

  • Shape and texture disorder in leaves,
  • Death in the growth cone,
  • Cracks and bruises on the trunk,
  • Insufficient fertilization, fruit formation.


Cripto Bor Causes of Deficiency

  • High pH, nitrogen and calcium content,
  • Boron (B) deficiency in the soil.


Benefits of Cripto Bor

  • In nucleic acid synthesis,
  • Germination of pollen,
  • Fruit set and meristem tissue growth,
  • In sugar (carbohydrate) and protein synthesis,
  • In the transport of sugar from the leaves to the storage organs,
  • In the elimination of weak fruit set,
  • Prevents necrosis and fruit spots on apical buds.


PlantApplication through leaves

Application by drip irrigation
Fruit TreesBefore flowering and until after fruit set100-150 ml/da
Wine Grapes and Table GrapesIn cluster formation
Before flowering
In fruit set
100-150 ml/da
VegetablesBefore flowering100-150 ml/100 lt water
Industrial PlantsBefore flowering
In fruit set
150-200 ml/da
Sugar Beet

Before the first 7-8 true leaves and before row closure150-200 ml/da
! Doses were calculated in normal water applications.
Packaging: 1 Kg.
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