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Plant Origin Liquid Organic Fertilizer
Completely Soluble in Water

It is totally organic and completely obtained from plan sources. In this way, all can be absorbed by plants. Leonardit origin humic acids act in the soil, can not enter into the plant.

Humi K-22 acts both in the soil and in the plants. Fulvic acids are more active than humic acids. They play an active role in soil and the plants for transport of the plant nutriens. When fulvic acids enter into the plant, they are lost quicker in the soil than the humic acids.

Makes visible difference when used through leaves and soil. Ensures the plants to be greener by providing the formation of chlorophyll. Increases yield by increasing photosynthesis. Increases the amount of sugars of fruits and vegetables and provides quality fruit formation. Increases the protein synthesis and respiration in plants. Increases gluten in wheat and raises the quality of bread. Facilitate the circulation of plant nutriens between tissues.

Fulvic acids are part of humic substances which are water-soluble under all pH conditions. Fulvic acids are light yellow – yellow brown in color.


Product TypeApplication PeriodsVia Foliar da/ 100 lt water/g
Via Soil to da/kg
Domates, biber, patlıcan2 applications in the nursery,
During the development period
100-1501 kg/da
Melon, watermelon, cucumber etc.
In early development
Before first watering
At the beginning of the arm throw
In the fruiting period
100-1501 kg/da
Cherry, peach, apple, pear,
apricot, plum, nectarine etc.
Just after pruning
As the eyes wake up
After flowering or fruit formation
During fruit ripening
After picking fruit
200-2501 kg/da
VineyardsJust after pruning
When the eyes wake up, before the flower
During the Koruk period, After the harvest
150-2001 kg/da
OlivesPruning or After
Before flower, on summer shoot
200-2501 kg/da
CottonWith 8-10 leaves (Only in plant rows)
Before combing and flowering period
First cocoon period
125-1751 kg/da
CitrusBefore flower, After flower,
June before casting,
Just after harvest
200-2501 kg/da
Potatoes (In application from soil,
it is given with 1 lt irrigation
per 5 decares in the first water.)
First surface period, before the first water,
At the beginning of flowering
after flowering
100-1501 kg/da
Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli,
brussels cabbage, winter produce and Lettuce
In early growing period after 15-20 days
(2-3 applications are made.)
100-1501 kg/da

At the end of the winter period
Before and after flowering
15 days apart during harvest
100-1501 kg/da

Ornamental Plants
At the beginning of the awakening period in the rose
bud squirt
Every 20 days during the development period
100-1501 kg/da
Arboriculture2 applications during growing periods150-2001 kg/da
Packaging: 5Kg. 20 Kg.
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