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Blended NK Fertilizer
Completely Soluble in Water

The completely soluble in water powder fertilizer which has been developed in order to apply through the leaves for all fruits, vegetables and flowery plants.

The ingredient of Grand AGR has been formulated so as to provide mainly nitrogen, potassium, magnessium and trace elements to the plant. As purity of the ingredients and presence of urea nitrogen provide it to penetrate through the upper layers of the leaves, intake of the nutriens is extremely fast and perfect.

As the application of Grand AGR promotes vegetative growth, it increases the photosynthetic activity and grows the product. It especially supports the growth of shoots and flowers, improvesthe fruit quality, removes Manganese and Zinc deficiency which is common in fruit trees and improves fruit color.

Grand AGR is very special fertilicez because it has a composition that provides all the nitritional needs during the growing stage of citrus.


PlantApplication through leavesApplication by drip irrigation
Cut Flowers150-200 g in 100 lt of water350-450 gr/da
Açık Alan Sebzelerde150-200 g in 100 lt of water450-500 gr/da
Sera Sebzelerinde125-175 g in 100 lt of water350-400 gr/da
Yumuşak Çekirdekli Meyveler175-200 g in 100 lt of water450-600 g/da or 50 g per tree
Sert Çekirdekli Meyveler175-200 g in 100 lt of water450-600 gr/da veya ağaç başına 50 g per tree
Narenciye, Zeytin Ağaçları150-200 g in 100 lt of water400-450 gr/da veya ağaç başına 40 g per tree
Bağlarda150-200 g in 100 lt of water300-400 gr/da veya ağaç başına 30 g per tree
Packaging: 1 Kg.
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