Leaf fertilizers

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Blended NK Fertilizer
Completely Soluble in Water

It has a very special complex structure that hte plants can take potassium quickly. It also contains a high proportion of zinc. The potassium and the zinc with a special structure act quickly in plants.

  • Grows the fruit very fast.
  • Has a special structure that can be taken quickly.
  • Applied from the base.
  • Colors and coarsens the fruits quickly.
  • Provides the product to be ready quickly.
  • Please apply in the period that you want to harvest.
  • Recommended for many fruits and vegetables, mainly tomato, cucumber and pepper.


PlantApplication through leavesApplication by drip irrigation
Cut Flowers150-200 g in 100 lt of water350-450 gr/da
Open Field Vegetables150-200 g in 100 lt of water450-500 gr/da
Greenhouse Vegetables125-175 g in 100 lt of water350-400 gr/da
Pome Fruits175-200 g in 100 lt of water450-600 g/da or 50 g per tree
Stone Fruits175-200 g in 100 lt of water450-600 g/da or 50 g per tree
Citrus Fruits, Olive Trees150-200 g in 100 lt of water400-450 g/da or 40 g per tree
Vineyards150-200 g in 100 lt of water300-400 g/da or 30 g per tree
Packaging: 3 Kg
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