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Extra Full

Get out your rooting problem from your mind!
Discover the Extra Full with its rich content
Excellent incentive in hairy root setting

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Farmer Plant

Meet our specially chelated NPK products: Farmer Plant
High mobility thanks to the enzymes and activators it contains!
Maximize the nutrient absorption in stressed plants

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Harvest time with the Kantech System!
Kantech System

We present the best quality potassium to our professional growers
This special formula we have developed for the last period of the plant will exceed your expectations of yield and fruit quality.

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Our Products

“We continue to create value for our stakeholders with the products we offer.

Choose the product that best for you!”

extra full

Extra Full

Supporting hairy root setting on the applied plant. Increase your plant’s nutrient absorption with rich hairy roots.

Crazy D Ping

Supporting root setting , fruits brightness and beautiful blooming of flowers on the applied plant. Prevent the stress, caused by daily temperature difference, with its rich amino acid content.

Crazy Potas

Supporting fruit filling and aroma increase on the applied plant. We have enriched the high organic content with amino acids and enzymes.

who are you

“We Create a Value To Our Farmers And The Soil Since 2000”

Kantech Tarım, providing service in the field of plant nutrition,  was established in Antalya in 2000 and started its activities with wholesale and retail sales. Kantech, whose mission is to make products with high quality standards more accessible to our farmers, aims to respond to the demands of our producers in the best way. 


We carry out R&D and trial studies with great coordination, and we answering the demands of our farmers in the best way by always moving forward the quality standards.


We create trust-based relationships with our perfectionist and honest approach, and we continue to create value for our stakeholders by always exceeding expectations.


Together with our expert and innovative team, we take extructive steps in every field of work we create and aim for absolute success in every enterprises we make.

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