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NK Fertilizer Solution
Completely Soluble in Water

It is a fertilizer with high potash which can be used safely from fruit formation until the en of harvest. Increases the fruit take and ensures smooth shaped products.

It is the most powerful source of potassium during the period that the plant needs potassium. It is highly stable. Prevents the trace elements which are present in the soil or given by the fertilizer oxidize and provides them to be easly carried to the plant and get by the roots. In addition, it transforms the iron which is the form of F3+ in the soil and can not be taken by the plants into the form of F2+  and provide to be up taken by the plants easily. It increases the resistance of plants. Does not clog the pipes during leaf or root application as it is completely water-soluble.


PlantApplication through leavesApplication by drip irrigation
Cut Flowers150-200 g in 100 lt of water350-450 gr/da
Open Field Vegetables150-200 g in 100 lt of water450-500 gr/da
Greenhouse Vegetables125-175 g in 100 lt of water350-400 gr/da
Pome Fruits175-200 g in 100 lt of water450-600 g/da or 50 g per tree
Stone Fruits175-200 g in 100 lt of water450-600 g/da or 50 g per tree
Citrus Fruits, Olive Trees150-200 g in 100 lt of water400-450 g/da or 40 g per tree
Vineyards150-200 g in 100 lt of water300-400 g/da or 30 g per tree
Packaging: 5Kg. 20 Kg.
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